Welcome to “Rainbow Star”, the international gay marriage agency in Cherkasy for boys from Ukraine and their Western admirers!

The purpose of our agency is to unite gay hearts! For this purpose we put maximum efforts worldwide. Our couples are the happiest ones because we find those men who need same-sex family and the serious long-term relationship.

It is not a secret that the unlimited debauchery is blossoming among gay men nowadays!

Mobile apps and the hook-ups websites for gay perverts like Grindr, Scruff, Adam4Adam are leading LGBTQ community to epidemics of AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, anal cancer, prostate cancer and a rich bouquet of other sexually transmitted diseases.

Promiscuity, anonymous gay sex, always new hook ups kill and cripple hundreds of thousands of gay men worldwide. This is a payment for promiscuity which should be paid by sexual minorities. This is the severe rule of life: "Those who change lovers five times a day don't live long!"

Our exclusive gay marriage agency “Rainbow Star” resolutely and safely resists to gay debauchery and anonymous sex, including accepting actions as the acts under the level of human dignity. We struggle for strong family bonds, for the real same-sex marriages, for the gay families built on true love and deep respect to each other.

For this reason we don't serve perverts who look for one night stands and fast sex! We provide services for serious mature experienced gay men from the Western world only. After you've already reached everything in life that you dreamed about, you can't be satisfied by "fast love" in a public WC or dark room! You need the perfect life partner who will love you and respect you until the end of life! Like Donald and Melania.

For such Western gay men our gay marriage agency “Rainbow Star” was established: for the serious gays who didn't lose human dignity in publich toilets and dark rooms of gay venues. The usual dating resources many western gays got used to, like Grindr or Gaydar are perennial spring of AIDS and other fatal diseases for the gay community. Not like them we in “Rainbow Star” Agency strongly support true love and strong same-sex families. And we provide such values to our clients instead of lethal hook ups!

Our business activities are carried out successfully for the last 25 years. We got married hundreds the international and even interracial gay couples, when one of partners was from Ukraine and the other from the West. Our aim is to bring neverending happiness and true love to you, dear gay men! Think carefully, aren't you bothered to receive nasty photos of stretched assholes and ugly dicks instead of the clean heart of innocent Ukrainian gay boy opened to your love and caress??? Aren't you bothered to spend the whole life for disposable meetings with dumping men?

We offer you only high-quality Ukrainian males who look for true love only, who stay away from any sexual debauchery leading to AIDS!

Our services have the reasonable prices, however your first introduction letter to the Ukrainian young gay boy will be always free of charge for you!

Browse our online catalog, choose the right boy for your as your heart tells you, and write him the introduction letter. If the young boy will want to know you, then he will surely reply. And great happiness, sweet harmony, true love will accompany you until the end of life.

So, let's check our catalog of great ukrainian gay boys! Your loneliness is coming to the end right now!

We wish you great success in your search!

Yours sincerely,
Gay Marriage Agency “Rainbow Star”

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